About Us

Lonely Coat is a boutique bookshop/gallery space in the Sutherland Shire of Sydney, Australia. Our shop is a wonderful and eclectic space that feels good to inhabit, and is focused on providing people with products and experiences that really matter. We sell books, art, jewellery, cards, toys and stationery that have been crafted rather than manufactured, and we care about the messages our products send and the kinds of energy that goes into their creation. We support a diverse cohort of local artists and makers who want to be part of what we are building, and feel like family. We also support local events and causes and love being part of community-building in this beautiful part of Dharawal country. 

Lonely Coat is forward-thinking and inclusive, and we stock brands that are renowned for both their quality and their contribution towards a fairer, kinder, richer society. We also support local authors and Indigenous organisations, and host events for organisations and community groups that are attempting to bring people together and foster a real sense of connection. 

Come and see what have have to offer — sit in one of our vintage armchairs and flick through a monograph, have a chat with owners Shivaun and Dom, or just take it all in and be part of this special place we are creating.

And oh — the name… The story is that when Shivaun’s neurodiverse daughter Georgia was younger, she would fret that jackets, hats and other objects would be ‘lonely’ if they were left in the car. Georgia is now 9 years old and can often be seen outside the shop (without a coat) selling her own drawings to passers-by ❤️.

Black and white photograph of Lonely Coat's owner

Meet Shivaun, Lonely Coat’s founder and owner. She knows art, and is always keen for a chat and a laugh with fellow art-lovers