Carolyn Mutch


Carolyn Mutch was born and bred in Wollongong, but is currently based on the Mid-North Coast of NSW. Her art practice is focused around the people she loves, admires, or interacts with, of whom she makes intense, and sometimes mysterious, monochrome portraits. Carolyn loves to draw, and her work is often done using charcoal as her only medium. The subjects of these moody pieces are usually members of underground or sub-cultures, whose presence alludes to some of life’s losses and hardships, and the strength it takes to maintain one’s integrity and sense of self in a society that tends to reward conformity.

Works Currently Available

Black and white screenprinted image of musician Nick Cave
Black and white charcoal drawing of a young woman in an abstracted shawl or garment
Black and white charcoal drawing of a young woman with darkened eyes wearing a white collared shirt
Black and white charcoal drawing of musician Patti Smith