Little Miss Magoo (AKA Kara Maunder)

Artist and toymaker

Little Miss Magoo was founded in Sydney, Australia in 2021. It was started as a passion project by Kara Maunder, with a love for all things whimsical, a desire to be colourful and a second-hand sewing machine. 
Kara believes in being as sustainable as possible, and upcycles fabrics sourced from donations, opportunity shops and The Sewing Basket – a social enterprise that provides employment for people with disabilities. Her softies are truly one of a kind – no softie is repeated, and all are handmade by Kara herself.

N.B. The images below are only indicative of the LMM softies available at Lonely Coat – since they are all one of a kind, the exact colourways and styles are constantly changing. Please contact or visit us for more information about the exact range of softies available.

Terry Triceratops shoots for the stars

Roald Fox getting arty

Dasher Deer enjoying some downtime