Shivaun Weybury

Artist, owner & curator of Lonely Coat Books & Art

Shivaun opened Lonely Coat with impeccable timing in May 2021 (about 4 weeks before Sydney went into months of covid lockdown). She is originally from Wollongong, but went to art school in Lismore and now resides in the Sutherland Shire of Sydney. Her work can be described as fractious and tongue-in-cheek, but also very deliberate in its composition and use of colour. Shivaun has an academic background and is passionate about the powerful role that art can play in education. She uses a range of materials in her works, which often incorporate collage, text and images stolen from great white ‘masters’. The subject matter of her paintings is often concerned with the artifice and insincerity that underpins so many of the norms that define white Australian culture. She is thoroughly influenced by the punk/alternative cultural movements of the 1980s & 90s, by Surrealist collage, feminist performance art, and by her amazing daughter Georgia.

Works Currently Available

Mixed media artwork by Shivaun Weybury